Helio x Kato 2016
Galerie 207, Prague

instalation: 3 monitors, 2 projections, metal strings

contemplation about duets:
they were two biggest persons in jiu jitsu and judo world one from brasil, one from japan. usually the fight would start immediately, here they are holding each other not able to start to fight, because who starts becomes automatically victim of the other one

Elesko gallery, Slovakia

instalation: tv, straws, roll of paper and projection



turtle and the priest 2016

tattoo inspired by the set of drawings done during the last day in residency Petrolio in Puglia, Italy
AMT gallery - in collection of residency Petrolio

the drawings are related to two situations.

on the way to Torre Guaceto : we found the dead turtle body on the beach - it's more the trace of the body - waves coming into the scull and the broken shell 

every third day coming to Serra Nova to catch the wifi : at 9pm the greeting with old priest accompanied by two young persons in front of Leo's bar 

lady in Košice is looking for some motive for her first tattoo.
I offered her the motive of the dead turtle within the priest story in order to support the sublimation of the dead turtle's body into her body and the initiation of the new background story.


Schovat se pod rouškou tmy a dělat věci neviditelné *
To hide under the drape of dark and do invisible things 

Artfilm, Trenčianske Teplice 2014-2015
Instalation: drawings, video, sound

The project initiated during the Artfilm festival 2014 and finalized during the same festival in 2015  was dedicated to one of the top modernistic slovak architecture LD Machnáč in Trenčianske Teplice designed by architect Jaromír Krejcar in 1929 and realized in 1932 which is nowadays due to ambivalent commercial interests of the city in dilapidated condition.

Initiated by Abandonned recreation (Martin Zajíček and Andrea Kalinová) artists enter the building. police come. they don't have permission to enter, they come again later but more gingerly, they see just traces of people living there...some fresh and old shits in corridors, mainly on the second floor... empty space, great light..... they drink wine on the roof and talk about Krejcar, Corbusier, beginning of 30's , Czechoslovakia and from todays perspective try to rethink socialistic ideas and ideals which are embodied in the core concept of the architecture itself.....

* Honza Černá Krejcarová furious poet and daughter of Jaromír Krejcar

in cooperation with Abandoned recreation : Martin Zajíček, Andrea Kalinová

installation : drawings, video installation, sound installation 
with Lucie Mičíková 
sound by Matúš Wiederman

film crew: 

performance with Barbora Janáková
camera: Dušan Husár
scenography and camera assistance: Karol Filo
sound: Tomáš Košjar
production: Janka Suržinová, Miroslav Gerbel
edit and choreography: Zuzana Žabková


THE collaboration with Lucie Mičíková starts
project When the peaks of our sky connect, our house will have a roof* begins
photo taken in gallery Svit, Praha 2014

*Paul Éluard/ Gaston Bachelard



Dům osvobozený od svých pater /House freed from its floors
Kostka gallery, Prague, 2015

curator: Chiara Vecchiarelli



Až se vrcholky našeho nebe spojí, můj dům bude mít střechu / "When the peaks of our sky connect, our house will have a 

East Slovak gallery VSG, 2015

curator: Lucia Kvočáková


Singing pylon
Biely kríž 2014


The orbits of the planets and the path of a cannon ball

performance in Mousonturm Frankfurt, DE 2015

exhibition in gallery SODA, Bratislava, SR, 2014

found text in residential library*, drawings (frotage inside of burnt sequoia), 2 video projections

*Appolonius who lived about 230 B.C. broke away from Plato's rule and started to study curves we cannot draw with
a compass or a ruler. He focused his attention on studying three curves, which correspond with the boundary of a slice

of a cone. Two of them are ellipses representing the orbits of the planets. The parabola represents the path of a cannon ball. (Mathematics for the Million by Lancelot Hogbene - found in a sequoia grove in California).

A drawing illustrates the space that was created as a result of these two sections and it refers to the shape of a burnt sequoia. Burnt hollow cores of these trees used to be accommodated by original inhabitants of sequoia grove - native americans. Later due to colonial trends their hypothetical observation of the orbits of the planets was intersected by the observation of the path of the european cannon ball.page13image9816